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Vintage Garter Clasps


These are replacement garter clasps for your vintage garter belt and girdle. All metal frame. All sizes consist of a firm latex rubber dimple (except the 1/2 inch size which has a plastic dimple) attached to a pliable cloth tongue. When selecting, match the size (width) of the garter strap you are buying for. Available in and inch widths. The inch size comes with a choice of "bare metal" or "enamelled" (the black or white coated ones on the bottom row). Price is per piece.
Now available in bulk pricing (12 or more clips, see below). We will manually adjust your order total after checkout.
NOTE: The 5/8 inch 'Sew-On' in white is sold out. The one pictured in the picture is actually a 5/8 inch version.
Price (each)
12 or more

If your order consists of ONLY this product, we will ship at the reduced rate of $3.00 (US orders only) unless you specify otherwise. Allow 5-6 days for delivery.

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