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PEAVEY Hooters Waitress Pantyhose

Sale Price: $6.49
Savings: $0.50

These are the authentic PEAVEY brand 'sportsbar' pantyhose that men simply adore! This footed light support pantyhose has an incredible sheen that makes your legs look HOT! Worn by waitresses at the Hooters restaurants, cheerleaders or anyone who is on their feet all day. More durable than regular pantyhose (they are 20 denier, what we call 'light support'), these will hide blems and will last much longer as well. Sheer to waist design with a small cotton crotch. Also available in the ‘no cotton gusset style', in the suntan color only. If you wear short skirts, the sheer to waist style is what you want. In the cool months, our customers remarked how warm they feel! Perfect for exercising in too! Feedback from customers is that these run small in sizes A, B and C. Buy the next size up if possible. Our model is wearing the 'Suntan' color.
The ‘nude’ color is actually darker than ‘light beige’ (which was considered to be nude by most of us!). Sound confusing? Think of it this way: Light Beige = nude and Nude = Almost Beige.
Now available in the new style worn at Hooters restaurants: 'Toeless' and 'Low Rise' (in size B,C and D in 'suntan' only)
Photo courtesy by Steven Andres Photography.
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5'0" - 5'3"
Up to 120 lbs


5'3" - 5'6"

Up to 135 lbs


5'6" - 5'8"

Up to 150 lbs


5'8" and over

Up to 165 lbs


to 5'11"

Up to 225 lbs

In association with Peavey Hosiery STOCKING SHOWCASE was the FIRST company to offer the QUEEN size!

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