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Cervin 10 Denier Ultra Sheer RHT Stocking


A MODERN (reproduction) of the RHT garter stocking from the French maker “CERVIN”. We have been searching the world for a high quality super silky stocking that is a close copy (in look and feel) to the vintage stockings we carry. These win, hands down! Feedback we hear is they feel like a layer of silk on the leg and are very slippery!
This is a delicate, flat knit, 10 denier garter stocking. The style is ‘Capri 10’. Extremely sheer, best for those special occassions where just a hint of coverage is needed. These have a very lightly reinforced heel and toe. These wear like a second skin, with a silky feel and a nice lustrous shine! The length is generous as well.

  • Size 1 ~ 8 ½ - 9 XL (33 inches)
  • Size 2 ~ 9 – 9 ½ XL (36 inches)
  • Size 3 ~ 10 XL (37 inches)
  • Size 4 ~ 10 ½ XL (38 - 39 inches)
  • Size 5 ~ 11 XL (39 - 40 inches)
A sizing chart can be viewed in the “Detailed Pictures” for sizing help. Made in France. 100% Nylon.

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Size and Color