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Christian Dior Sandalfoot Stocking


Christian Dior is a brand name known around the world for luxury, class and elegance. There is no doubt that these are some of the best known and widely sought after vintage stockings in the world! These are the true authentic vintage Dior nylons that were available 25 or more years ago! Similar in design to the demi toe style we sell, these are the sandalfoot version. (Both the toe and heel are nude). The scalloped stocking top along with the embossed logo ‘C D’ are here. It is worth noting that the nylon has an extremely soft feel that was only found in the Dior brand due to a special processing of the nylon. This unique process was never duplicated by others. The super soft feel is simply remarkable! These are flat knit, 15 denier ultra sheer stockings. The long sizes typically run two inches longer than normal. The medium and short are true to size. The model is wearing the color ‘Cognac’.

Photos courtesy of LADY IZABELLA.

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